APM3RP Magmate replacement metal plates 3pk - No longer available from wholesaler


Using your MagMate Mount with multiple devices? Got a new phone or case? No need to buy a mount! MagMate Plates are now available separately.

MagMate Plates are included with all MagMate Mounts and can be applied directly to the device, under the battery cover, between the phone and the case or to the exterior of the case.

MagMate Plates are supplied with quality 3M brand adhesive and come in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large.

  • Each plate is fitted with high-quality 3M brand adhesive
  • 3 different sizes in a pack, small, medium and large

Pack Includes:
1 x Large metal plate 65MM X 45MM
1 x Medium metal plate 50MM X 35MM
1 x Small metal plate 32MM X 32MM


Product is no longer for sale and has been Discontinued from production.