Aerpro's range of secondary harnesses will plug into any Aerpro Primary Harness including the Steering Wheel Control Adapter type. Simply select the secondary harness based on the head unit brand and its connector. A secondary harness is not required if installing an ISO aftermarket headunit like Philips or Nakamichi. These will plug directly into a Primary Harness or Steering Wheel Control Adapter.

APPIOPRO Processor t harness to suit pioneer processor


Looking for a Plug & Play solution for the Pioneer DEQ-S1000A Sound Processor?

The Aerpro APPIOPRO harness will connect a Pioneer DEQ-S1000A Processor into any Aerpro Vehicle Specific T - Harness or directly into a European vehicle with standard ISO connectors. The 1.5M length will allow installation anywhere under the dashboard, and for installation under a seat you can simply use the extension cable supplied with the DEQ-S1000A.

  • Plug & play solution for the Pioneer DEQ-S1000A when paired with an Aerpro Vehicle Specific T-Harness
  • 1.5M harness length