Aerpro Patch Leads are custom made to connect your chosen brand of headunit to the Steering Wheel Control Adapter. Filter by "Patch Lead type" to match the correct Steering Wheel Control Adapter.

A Type suit control harnesses ending in "A" eg CHNIXA
C Type suit control harnesses ending in "C" eg CHAU23C

APSONYPL Sony patch lead to suit control harness c


Patch lead to suit Sony Head unit
Plugs directly into APUCB Can-Bus and Control harness C series

Newer Sony radios may give you incorrect SWC button presses after installing a control harness. This is due to a slight change in input codes on the newer Sony radios. To resolve this please do the following steps: - Remove the Steering control harness from the vehicle. - Remove the plastic casing from the black steering control box. - Locate the very small dipswitch selector on the board - Turn dipswitch 4 OFF. - Re-assemble and test. There is also some Sony radio's that default steering controls o. If you are receiving no steering control functions at all please refer to your Sony manual on how to enable steering controls.


Also Alpine IVEW560A