Aerpro Patch Leads are custom made to connect your chosen brand of headunit to the Steering Wheel Control Adapter. Filter by "Patch Lead type" to match the correct Steering Wheel Control Adapter.

A Type suit control harnesses ending in "A" eg CHNIXA
C Type suit control harnesses ending in "C" eg CHAU23C

SmartPL C type Smart patchlead


Traditional patch leads are not set up to transmit the amount of button data required for analogue learning-style units and this can cause problems, especially for vehicles with many different buttons or scroll wheels. With the SMARTPL, the analogue range is extended and optimised for the stereo, allowing all of the steering wheel buttons - including wheels and dials - to be programmed to the user chosen functions. Simply connect the smart patch lead to the interface and the vehicle, access the SWC learning mode on the stereo, and program the steering wheel controls buttons as desired


This head unit connection lead can be used with all of the CH steering wheel control interface range


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